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Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster

Vegetable Tanned Leather Coaster

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Unbranded Herman Oak natural undyed vegetable tanned leather coaster.

Why vegetable tanned leather? It’s time to rethink how green “vegan” leather alternatives actually are. *cough* plastic *cough* Coveted not only for its unmatched patina potential, vegetable tanned leather is the most sustainable type of leather finish in the world. Standard leather is tanned with harsh chromium chemicals. Natural vegetable leather is raw and undyed. Just as the name would suggest, it is tanned with vegetables to preserve its natural color, which darkens and patinas beautifully over time.

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Our Fabric

  • 100% natural fibers.

  • No bleach, dyes, or optical whiteners added.

  • Unprocessed. Unrefined. Raw.

    • Live Dye-Free.