About Us:



Our Guarantee

At Unbleached Apparel we don't have a mission. We make a promise. We only use 100% unbleached, undyed and synthetic-free fabrics to ensure, as an apparel company, sustainability is not just something we talk about. It exists in every fiber of our being - literally. 



Why undyed? 

There are 5 main benefits to wearing natural undyed clothing over traditional chemically processed or synthetic clothing.

1. Health Benefits
Most modern clothing is either made completely out of synthetic materials or dyed and finished with secret mystery chemicals. Such materials can be damaging to your health in many ways. Your skin absorbs the dyes, bleach, plastic and synthetic chemicals of whatever you wear.
2. Environmental
The clothing industry is an incredibly wasteful and polluting industry. The chemical dyeing and finishing of fabrics is often the most dirty part of this process. By cutting out that element entirely, we are able to offer a thoroughly cleaner natural product.
3. Performance
As opposed to synthetic fabrics which trap in smell and bacterial, natural plant and animal fibers have amazing properties manmade fibers could never replicate. Dyes also damage and weaken fabric since the pigment particles act like dirt, rubbing up against and breaking down whatever fiber they are stuck in.
4. Economic
Dyes aren't just dirty, their expensive - especially to clean up properly. In the US, Europe or Japan for example, laws about proper toxic chemical disposal actually make it more expensive to clean up the dye waste than it is to dye the garment in the first place. So if you buy a dyed garment made in a country without these strict rules (almost every other country) the dye waste has likely just been dumped in a local waterway.
5. Aesthetic
Undyed and unbleached natural clothing just looks better. Dyed colors or bleached white garments can never reproduce the magical natural tones which natural fibers possess. Dyes and bleach also fade out with every wash. For example: while a dyed T-shirt will fade and and bleached white T-shirt will lose it's brightness in the wash, an undyed T-shirt will never dull in color and in fact gets brighter every time it is washed.